15. But(t) it’s not my birthday?

T gave me a present this weak. The prettiest butt plug I’ve ever seen. It’s all metallic, hard and heavy and the best part (the pretty part!) is that it has a large sparkle long turquoise jewel at the base.

I am very happy T gave me a present but it is not the most comfy plug I’ve worn. It hurts a bit to take in and out because it has absolutely no give. It’s just hard and relentless. The edges of the base also kind of scratch the sensitive skin around the hole so I have to place some fabric around it is ok going to walk around or I will break the skin.

T has instructed me to wear it one hour every day and I really love that. I love when he gives me small assignments that keeps me motivated to be submissive throughout the day.

He has some other assignments in the works to but more about that in another post. I just wanted to share my pretty present with you. What do you think?


One thought on “15. But(t) it’s not my birthday?

  1. I find that making sure to lubricate the area between the base and your skin (on the outside) is very important. I also find that if you wear it long term, re-lubing is a must!
    It must be wonderful to have this focus and attention on you, Brianna! 🙂

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